Collaborative Builds

Pirate Cove – Collaborative Build 2022

Pirate Cove will be an island based collaborative build allowing contributors to use their creativity to form their own unique island. In addition to islands, members can also opt for building a boat or ship to go around the islands. This will increase the amount of members taking part, allowing for every build and interest level. It is open to anyone and everyone who wants to give it a go. This is all about getting…

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Announcements Collaborative Builds

Collaborative Builds Page Update

It has long been overdue, however we have now updated the Collaborative Builds section of the GertLUG website. Each collab that is featured will now have it’s own page containing information, photos and possibly even videos depending on what is made available for us to use. The individual collaborations will still be listed under the Collaborative Build heading, but as more are added to the website, this adjustment will make them easier to organise and…

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Collaborative Builds Member MOCs

Hidden Side to Apocalypseburg

I had been meaning to build a couple of modules for the Apocalypseburg Collaborative Build for a while and despite having a few ideas, never got round to it. While looking at the recently released Hidden Side sets, I figured there would probably be some useful parts in them that would go nicely with the Apocalypseburg build. LEGO set 70422, Shrimp Shack Attack, looked to be a good contender to start things off with, as…

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Collaborative Builds Events

Welcome to Apocalypseburg

The first collaborative build that GertLUG members are taking part in ties in with The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, which was released earlier this year and is titled Welcome to Apocalypseburg. The poster shown below created by GertLUG Social Secretary, Hannah, gives the standard sizes to follow for each module that will be combined to create the collaborative display. There’s also a few ideas and suggestions on part and colour usage. Our aim…

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