Meet Ups

January 2021 Virtual Meet Up

Tuesday the 19th of January saw the first GertLUG meet up of 2021 and with the continuing pandemic situation, was again held virtually using Zoom.

Beginning with quick introductions, we discussed which themes would be our favourite choices for revival from the LEGO Group. Popular among the attending members were the Forestmen, Space Police and Blacktron, Pirates, Adventurers and Trains.

Following the brief discussion, we had our first activity of the evening using any loose LEGO bricks that we had to hand. The challenge was a speed build with specific themes, where we then had to guess what each of us had built. The first theme was Fruit which brought a variety of mini builds including a strawberry, an apple, slice of melon and some bananas. The next theme for the speed build was animals, which brought even more variety. These included miniature representations of a pig, rabbit, giraffe, turtle, frog and some insects.

It was then time to show off our monthly build challenge entries, which were based around something representing the year 2020 for us. These included representations of playing Pokemon and outdoors walks, queueing outside shops, virual meet ups online and for one member making new friends, a new home and starting a new job.

On to the next activity, requiring a 16 x 16 plate and a load of 1 x 1 plates and tiles. We had the next 20 minutes of chatting time to build a small mosaic, although due to the concentration involved, the amount of conversation reduced a bit. Some of the mosaics that were built feature in the group screenshot below.

The final game for the evening was a quiz utilising a selection of different coloured LEGO bricks. A series of questions were asked, the answer of each was one or more colours. The aim was to pick out of the random selection of bricks we had to hand the ones closest matching the colours that we thought the answer to the question was and hold it up to the screen.

All in all, it was another interesting meet up and it was good to see those who attended. Looking forward to the next one already.