Meet Ups

Mystifying Mosaics and the 1×2 Strategy

The last GertLUG meet took place on the 9th of October at the Robins in Ashton, Bristol. As usual we had an optional competition. This time it was 16 x 16 mosaics. It was quite a broad challenge and we were amazed at the different designs members brought to the table! From tiered to inverted, from maps to an interesting collaboration with photography – we had it all. GertLUG Chairperson, PK, had an innovative entry by using his photography skills to make his mosaic a negative image of Benny (yes, spaceship...spaceship...SPACESHIP Benny) and used a tablet to invert the image – it looked fab! Check it out below. 

Here are all of the entries. 

The winner was Social Secretary, Hannah, who created an intricate mosaic using some interesting layering techniques. See the winning mosaic below. 

In addition, to our monthly competition and of course the Swap Box being in full force, we had a member enquiry about how many 1x2 bricks you could fit in a large Pick a Brick cup. So why not test it out! For his first meet, Jeff jumped right in with the ‘scoop’ technique bringing in 404 bricks. Swiftly followed by the ‘scoop and shake’ that squeezed in 497 bricks. Next up was Social Secretary Emily's turn with the ‘pack ‘em flat’ technique where she managed to stack 553 1x2’s in her cup. But the top dog coming in with a huge 587 bricks was our GertLUG regular Richard with the ‘columns’ technique.

Can anyone beat 587? Let us know by using #GertLUG on instagram or search for GertLUG on facebook