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Electrifying new Battersea LEGO store!

Battersea store opening day - words by Gordon Tutt

As a LUG member I had a fantastic opportunity, together with other GertLUG members, to attend the new Battersea LEGO store preview evening on Wednesday 24th May. The store's official opening was the following day.

The first thing that stood out at the new store was the absence of the familiar yellow LEGO shop logo. At Battersea all store signage is black and white, and very stylish.

We were welcomed into the store by friendly and helpful staff that are always a big part of the LEGO store experience.

The store has some aspects that differ slightly from all the LEGO stores I've visited, both here in the UK and overseas. The Pick A Brick wall is much smaller than usual and although there was a good range of sets it seemed that the shop is looking to cater for a more exclusive market.

There were some good features within the store including a mezzanine level which had lift access, a minifig build and a Battersea interactive wall figure.

Some nice give-aways were handed out including the store tile, a micro Battersea build and 40588 promotional botanical collection set. There was a wave 'make and take' build. Obviously there was also ample opportunity for new purchases.

It was nice to also meet up with some familiar faces and some new AFOLs. Many thanks to those at GertLUG for arranging our invitation!


And a thanks from GertLUG to Gordon for the words and pictures, we hope anyone who gets to visit has an equally positive experience!