Website Update: GertLUG Language Page

As with many hobbies, there is a large amount of language used within the LEGO community that is made up of acronyms, nicknames and other terms that you may never have heard before. There are already a number of sources online where you can find out what these various terms mean, but if you don't know where to look, we have started our own glossary of terms (or brick-tionary) to save you having to hunt too far if you find a word or phrase you don't understand on the GertLUG website.

The list will gradually be added to over time as there are a lot of words and terms out there, some of which I may never have heard before, but with the help from the rest of GertLUG, we'll get most of them covered.

So if you want to find out what AFOL, BURP, Rory and STAMP refer to, amongst other terms and phrases you may find in the LEGO community, click the link below or in the menu above to see the GertLUG Language page.

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