The Harley Gallery – Brick by Brick

The Harley Gallery in Worksop had an amazing Brick by Brick exhibition with pieces of work from 18 international artists and some of our GertLUGgers went to check in out. They have used the lovable LEGO brick as a medium to create stunning, thought provoking and often humorous artwork. Featured artists included David Turner from Northern Ireland who has a created a range of replica firearms out of LEGO in reference to his childhood called ‘The Troubles’; Little Big Art (Andy Morris) who is a Cardiff based but internationally renowned artist and Ekow Nimako from Toronto, Canada who has a series of works called ‘Building Black: Mythos’. Ekow’s art is so vastly detailed it’s hard to see his pieces as LEGO; they truly are incredible sculptures. See the full list of artist below alongside some images of the exhibition.

David Turner

Valentino Fialdini – a Brazilian photographer who uses photographic trickery to lure the viewer into thinking his miniature LEGO rooms are life-size!

Andy Morris – Little Big Art

The Little Artists – Darren Neave and John Cake

David Hughes – ‘I like to think my art engages with people because it appeals to all of us who played with LEGO® bricks as children, whilst at the same time, explores grown-up ideas of contemporary art and design’

Ekow Nimako

Janet Curley Cannon – an unusual piece that at first doesn’t look like LEGO. But the foundation is actually a 1960s set that belonged to her husband. If you look closely you can see the LEGO windows and some studs on the bottom.

Eat my Bricks – the German duo use LEGO minifigures to create fun photo’s with a bit of a twist

Samsofy – French outdoor photographer who creates LEGO minifigure scences which often incorporate very clever humour

AME72 – encompassing both street art and LEGO

Zino – Italian Artist who uses LEGO bricks to pixelate parts of images to make them pop out of the paper in 3D

Hannah Gibson – featuring a series of 100% recycled glass minifigure casts

Michael Brennand-Wood – beautifully intricate abstract pieces that could hang on any wall

Agabag – Artist Agnieszka Biernacka designs and makes a variety of bags and jewellery from the humble LEGO brick

James Paterson – Minifigure paintings

Jason Freeny – I’m sure there’s no description necessary but he is New York based sculptor known for his anatomical dissections of minifigures

Jonathan Rolph – British stop-motion animator famous for his LEGO Minecraft and LEGO Ideas Pop Up book animations. Check out his YouTube channel here:

Cole Blaq (Aran Jitsukawa-Hudson) – German based artist that designed various fun interpretations of the infamous 2 x 4 brick.

Thaneeya McArdle – designer of the sugar skill piece called ‘Inflorescent’ that was turned into a 16,000 stud mosaic by Bright Bricks.