The Brick Show at King’s Forest School

After the success of ‘Hairy Luke’s’ first school show last year, he has been approached by a number of other schools who would love the opportunity to work with GertLUG and fundraise for their school.

GertLUG member Luke Beedle, was contacted by Liz, who runs the PTA at Kings’ Forest School in Kingswood. She asked if GertLUG could put on a show at her school to help raise some money to update and improve their outdoor area. Luke jumped at the opportunity and brought us 'The Brick Show at King's Forest School'.

When the forms went out for sign up, the GertLUG members didn’t let us down and we had 15 eager displayers. We had lots to see including trains, space, airports, Brickheadz, monorail and even a badger!  It was wonderful to have four new GertUG members display impressive models in their first ever show - the Lighting McQueen model was a favourite with visitors. The LUG members spoke with great enthusiasm throughout the busy day, and the volunteers did an amazing job supporting the door, GertLUG stall, raffle, play area and supporting displayers.

The ‘Other other Luke’ bought his play bricks and his room was full with children all day making creations. We had a colouring area where the kids got to design their own minifig; which LUG members voted on the top 10. A space minifigure was the overall winner, which was a student who attends the school. I have no doubt that they will be thrilled when they receive their personal mini figure which the head teacher is going to present to the child. The "find my minifig” went down really well and by 14.30 we sold out on the raffle tickets (2000 of them).

Liz, Mrs Porter (the head teacher) and the rest of the school could not believe the amount of people we had though the door (around 700). The children were wowed by all the amazing displays we had on show, the feedback we have had back has been amazing.  "We are so proud of this group and being part of something amazing that can raise great amounts of money to support local charities and communities".

An amazing £2200 was raised which the school have said they are putting towards a pizza oven and worktops for the outside area. What lucky students they are to have such an amazing outdoor play space.

A big thank you to everyone involved and who came to visit. Well done Luke for another successful show.