Summer Shows!

The summer holidays will soon be upon us and, at the time of writing at least, the weather finally seems convinced too.

As well as days out to the beach and barbecues with a mind of their own, we're also looking forward to two exciting brick shows coming up over the next couple of months.

On 20th July, we'll be hosted again at the amazing Aerospace Bristol for the Supersonic Brick Show. This was great fun last year and the experience of enjoying the creativity and skill of builds underneath Concorde 'Alpha Foxtrot' - the last of the iconic planes to fly - is something you'll remember for quite a while, we promise you.

August brings more excitement with the inaugural Lyde Green Brick Show. A new addition to the show calendar is always welcome and we very much hope that this new show is a success. Visitors make that a thing more than anything else, of course, so we hope to see you there on August 18th!

Full details can be found on our Events page.